Thursday, December 19, 2013

Plant Pistil Part One

Paint on canvas board, 12 by 8 inches.

Well today we have a short strip we been working on and will be finished next week (we hope).

Well, what do you think? Want to see what happens next? email me but no spam please and thank you. talk to ya later...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Respond Energy Abates Channel Hatred

Reaching for the prize.
Mix media on 26 by 30 inches canvas.

Well hell-low beloved readers, it's been awhile since last we met. The art show was great from what little I remember of it. Check out some pics from a very good friend's Instagram page of the show. and leave some comments.

I took a few pics but it will have to wait until next time to view them. Instead here are some random pics from around town. 

and some art from a buddy...

Art by Quique411.

Well thanks for stopping by and now we have to get back to work, ugh...