Friday, November 26, 2010

No Thanks-taking But Thanksgiving

Jeff and Shagnasty playing with their luck as they wait for the grub to begin. It was warmer than people had thought it was going to be. The weather forecast had called for cold winds and a drop in temperature but we were all dressed light.

Some folks got there on their bikes and why not, it was such a nice day.

Taking polaroid pictures with Andy's camera was fun.

Jena cooking all day taking a smoke break while the guys play outside getting drunker.

Caitlin helping with the mashing of the potatoes.

Andy throws a horseshoe as Jeff waits his turn.

Jena's brother, sorry but forgot his name.


Drinking too early and not eating can have some effects.

Window with wind chimes. Some peeps can't leave home for too long...

Jena and David getting the food ready for consumption.

Want to thank Andy and Jena for having all of us over and feeding us a great meal. It's good to feel like you have a family away from home. And in many ways, it's a little bit nicer because no one ends up crying or screaming or fighting or all of the above but we'll keep that between us. ;)

Now it's time to finish packing and get ready for our move, very exciting. Much love to everyone, take care and we'll see you next month...

Monday, November 22, 2010

The day started at around noon after waking up on a friend's sofa. The heat of winter was very sticky and muggy but the day look great. So after a nice bike ride home to eat and shower it was back on the street for more picture taking.

(unknown dog)
 The rest of the night is a blur just like the photos.

 Hidden death flowers.
strange people at strange times in strange places

A pounding headache will not stop us from doing it again, so it wont be the last time. Working on moving and painting but moving kind of sluggish lately. Having a little bit of trouble painting too. Let's hope the move helps with artist block. Who wants to come to the house warming party?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Current's Contest on 13th of November 2010

The weather report said chance of rain but man, were they wrong. Cool breeze, bright blue sky, and good friends all day long. Art Slam!, Blue Moon, and the Current were join by the Jalapeno to put a great Saturday afternoon delightful event. Here are some of the highlights.

 Paint your own Blue Moon art thingy.
Rob and Liz with cupcakes.
Henry and his invisible band.

 The Jalapeno's tent.
Unknown artist.

Aesop and Laura.

Tony Alma got a case of Blue Moon, the beer not the other thing. photo by Jena

 Fletch and his drink. (photo by Jena)
Talking with Josh. photo by Jena
Say ahhh, the front of the Current box.

 Far left unknown artist, middle Tony Alma, far right Aesop.
Side and front view.
Side and back view.
Top view, Peace.

Want to thank everyone that made this event possible and every one that came out. Good vibes and great friends made this day feel like a dream. Every day should feel this way, Take care everyone and have a beautiful day.

***click on pictures to enlarge***

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Art, Mini Ramp, And Burning Rice

Josh about to drop in with a old school board while Fletch skates in the background.

 On a warm November day four people skated a mini ramp at some unknown location. It was such a blast, pushing each other, learning new tricks, and hanging out with great friends. This is the life. It's ok to hate but it's not going to change anything. Can't wait to go back, hang out, and skate some more. It's so much fun that we didn't take that many pictures but next time maybe we'll take more.

 Thank you Josh for letting us skate the mini.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

bowl of oranges

"bowl of oranges" oil pastel on 10 by 14 inches canvas board framed. by tony alma :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Looking back at last month, despite all the anguish, October was fill with great friends and great times. Here are just a few pictures that never got around to posting.

 Dawn at the Alamo, by H. A. McArdle.

Luis came by and took us to Austin for a day of endangerment & liveliness events.
Do my, best book store ever.

Hate him or not he's out there, are you?

Did you know, you aren't allow to take pictures of this cat, woops.
Squirrels licking stones.

Smut art by unknown person.

Far right painting by H-train, others unknown artist.

Helped judge a tattoo contest.
Had some art, in a restroom somewhere, vandalize.

Hung out with Andy and Jena.
Had a few drinks.
Jena makes a mean portobello mushroom burger.

Road some bikes with a big group of people.

Ric and Laura riding bikes.

Ric fakie tail stall on 4 in a half mini.
 Art by Josh last name unknown.
Skating and music. There's alot more of that going around.

Viewed some art.

 So... let's see what comes our way next. Some say it's optimistic to think every day is a great day but fuck them, it's a great fucking day! Happy birthday to everyone!!!