Thursday, December 19, 2013

Plant Pistil Part One

Paint on canvas board, 12 by 8 inches.

Well today we have a short strip we been working on and will be finished next week (we hope).

Well, what do you think? Want to see what happens next? email me but no spam please and thank you. talk to ya later...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Respond Energy Abates Channel Hatred

Reaching for the prize.
Mix media on 26 by 30 inches canvas.

Well hell-low beloved readers, it's been awhile since last we met. The art show was great from what little I remember of it. Check out some pics from a very good friend's Instagram page of the show. and leave some comments.

I took a few pics but it will have to wait until next time to view them. Instead here are some random pics from around town. 

and some art from a buddy...

Art by Quique411.

Well thanks for stopping by and now we have to get back to work, ugh...

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fundamental Lull Often Wins

Art show and you better show.
Dec 7th, 2013
Saturday from 5pm to 9pm
East end Studio Gallery
708 Telephone Rd. Ste C
Houston, TX 77023

And here is a new painting on cardboard.
Can you guess who it is? Didn't come out the way I wanted but the eye on the right came out pretty good. Have a few more paintings that are almost finish but don't want to post them yet. Tell your friends about the art show and maybe after party at the Studio.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Board To Come

sk8r brain edit.
Drew this on cardboard with a marker then edit online.

Well many things going on and also many things not going on. Having a lack of inspiration as far as painting goes but have been working on a few songs. Still don't have a way to record them but you can always come by the studio and hear them in person. Just bring beer and smokes and we should be good.

On a brighter note we have a skateboard art show next month. It's going to be at East End Studio Gallery the address is 708 Telephone Rd. Ste. C, Houston TX 77023 and the date is Dec 7th, it's a Saturday from 5pm to 9pm so everyone should be able to make it. Here is a flyer if you want to print some out and hand them out.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stun Clitorius Remembers Ecstatic Womb

Want to get screwed?

Been slacking on posting but for good, well semi good, reason. Sold a few paintings last month at Houston's Remarket, thanks go to everyone that supported us. Also been writing songs but have no way of recording them. Don't think I'll be playing anywhere soon but might go check out some open mic, any recommendations? Until then enjoy some pics...

Unknown artist.


guy walks in front of pic

Artist Skeez181

Art candle for sale, $?

Well, thanks for stopping by even though I didn't have much to say. Will try and do better next time but you need to open you wallets and buy some art fuckers, or just take care of me...

If you have time, check out Bizarro comic blog, it seem to always put a smile on your face. Plus, tell your friends and enemies about this blog and check out some other art work that hasn't sold yet.
 take care everyone...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lost Anterior Years Elicit Responsiveness Sarrow

Takes a lot of layers to get to the bones.

It took us a long time to get where we are. Even longer to get where we are going. Or maybe we passed it a long time ago?
We all hide our true self from people in fear they might judge us. Truth be told and all hell breaks loose so maybe it's better to lie. You might never know the true person or maybe you don't want to know. Like eating a burger, you never want to see the cow being killed. So we find all kinds of different distractions to keep our mind busy.
Here are some pictures that should keep you busy for a few hot minutes. Less talking, more posting...

time keeps dragging, time is crawling, killing time, can you think of any funnier captions?

art by Space invader, photo by tony alma. houston, tx.

Barry coming off a 50/50, downtown houston.

art by Jen, idea by Tony Alma. this was 2009, maybe, but cant remember the last name of the artist, can anyone help

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Last thing, painted on a found object, what do you think?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Idiots Never Seem Aware Near Everyone

Blackbird looking at you.
photo by Tony Alma

You think your life is crazy but chances are that there is someone else life that is crazier. A few years back a person talking to them self was considered crazy but now with Bluetooth and such, talking to yourself, is very common. Everything changes, including what people consider being crazy.
Being different doesn't always mean it's a bad thing. Many eccentric genius have been thought to be crazy but turn out to be the complete opposite. Most artist have be consider a little crazy and for the most part you have to be a little crazy to be a good artist.
This issue is mostly about some of the crazy shit that happens around the city. Trying to keep one's sanity can be bit of a challenge but not impossible. Email some of your crazy experience that happen to you and we'll turn it into a comic strip.
 here are some pictures of people that might be a little off but for all we know they could be a pure genius...

bums at a bus stop, damn i hate taking the bus. anyone know where i can get a bike for free? please?

bus drivers aren't any better. she is on speaker phone and sits right behind me in a empty dinning room, really?

liars on a street corner.

a really great musician and artist, Daniel Johnston.

Fans at a Rockets game, is it Basketball season yet?

Birdman of San Antonio, TX

One of the Deathhead Brothers acting up.

Art by move, photo by tony alma. is it a sign?

photo by tony alma.

Had many more pics of crazy shit but would take toooooo long to post so that's all for now. Till next time try and keep your sanity, take care everyone...

Monday, October 7, 2013

Dinosaurs Existed Antecedently Trivial History

Rain, rain, here it comes to wash the pain away.

Spoiler alert, you are going to die. Now, don't freak out or start crying, it doesn't mean you can't live a good life while you're here. Even with all this talk about the end of the world no one knows for sure when the world is going to kick the bucket. Don't let anyone tell you to give up on having fun or a good time. Enjoy your friends, music, love, or whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.
Many people are scare of dying but it's the one thing that every one and everything has in common. As someone that has come close to dying once said, "I'm more afraid of living than I am of dying." Life is hard but so what, death is boring. This is the time to get off your ass and do something worth while. Look up from your phone and see what you've been missing. There is beauty out there where you would never suspect. Don't waste your time on hate or anger when you can spend your time on love and joy.
Here are some pics you might enjoy...
art by Quique411

Jimmy h., RIP Next, unknown artists

Last month a friend invited me to sell some art at Houston's Remarket. It rain most of the time and got shut down early but was still a lot of fun. Met lots of people and sold one piece of art. Before I continue there is something you should know and share with everyone. I usually don't sell my artwork and very rare do i charge much for it. I can't afford most art shows or gallery because they charge to sell or show your artwork. I don't like asking people to be part of artshows because of that reason but do like being in artshows. I'm not a real artist as i don't make a living from my art work but don't really care. I make art and paintings for the love of it and it helps like meditation and relaxation. Better than being anorexia, wink wink...
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On a side not, if you go into a coffee shop with a list and don't tip your baristas then you are a big ass douchebag and should be shot and hang and not in that order. Those guys work for tips and don't get paid shit and they bust their asses off for you. So don't be a asshole and tip for christ sake.
later gators

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bummy Fight

And for those that can't read the text, here it is...

A very lovely young lady sits at a bus stop waiting to go home after a long day at work. She sits there listening to some hip song on her etune eating some generic fast food.
A shirtless dirty bum, drinking some kind of alcohol, comes up to her.
"You got and spare change so i can get something to eat, belch, I'm really hungry." ask the dirty bum.
"sorry, i only got change for the bus, but you can have my fries." She hands him the fires in her hand. He looks at the fires then looks up at her.
"You don't have any change?" he asked rudely. "No, sorry. That's all i have." she replies.
Then, all of a sudden the box of fries hits her on the face. The bum walks off mumbling curse words under his breath. This is something that happens all the time. It's a true story that some one told me but she didn't want to be named here. So, the lesson to be learn is don't give shit to bums.

Just something to hold you over until the next blog post. And don't forget to subscribe, tell your friends, email your comments, read old archive post, and i still don't have facebook. take care and see u next week, maybe...