Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stun Clitorius Remembers Ecstatic Womb

Want to get screwed?

Been slacking on posting but for good, well semi good, reason. Sold a few paintings last month at Houston's Remarket, thanks go to everyone that supported us. Also been writing songs but have no way of recording them. Don't think I'll be playing anywhere soon but might go check out some open mic, any recommendations? Until then enjoy some pics...

Unknown artist.


guy walks in front of pic

Artist Skeez181

Art candle for sale, $?

Well, thanks for stopping by even though I didn't have much to say. Will try and do better next time but you need to open you wallets and buy some art fuckers, or just take care of me...

If you have time, check out Bizarro comic blog, it seem to always put a smile on your face. Plus, tell your friends and enemies about this blog and check out some other art work that hasn't sold yet.
 take care everyone...

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