Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lost Anterior Years Elicit Responsiveness Sarrow

Takes a lot of layers to get to the bones.

It took us a long time to get where we are. Even longer to get where we are going. Or maybe we passed it a long time ago?
We all hide our true self from people in fear they might judge us. Truth be told and all hell breaks loose so maybe it's better to lie. You might never know the true person or maybe you don't want to know. Like eating a burger, you never want to see the cow being killed. So we find all kinds of different distractions to keep our mind busy.
Here are some pictures that should keep you busy for a few hot minutes. Less talking, more posting...

time keeps dragging, time is crawling, killing time, can you think of any funnier captions?

art by Space invader, photo by tony alma. houston, tx.

Barry coming off a 50/50, downtown houston.

art by Jen, idea by Tony Alma. this was 2009, maybe, but cant remember the last name of the artist, can anyone help

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Last thing, painted on a found object, what do you think?

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