Monday, October 7, 2013

Dinosaurs Existed Antecedently Trivial History

Rain, rain, here it comes to wash the pain away.

Spoiler alert, you are going to die. Now, don't freak out or start crying, it doesn't mean you can't live a good life while you're here. Even with all this talk about the end of the world no one knows for sure when the world is going to kick the bucket. Don't let anyone tell you to give up on having fun or a good time. Enjoy your friends, music, love, or whatever makes you happy as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.
Many people are scare of dying but it's the one thing that every one and everything has in common. As someone that has come close to dying once said, "I'm more afraid of living than I am of dying." Life is hard but so what, death is boring. This is the time to get off your ass and do something worth while. Look up from your phone and see what you've been missing. There is beauty out there where you would never suspect. Don't waste your time on hate or anger when you can spend your time on love and joy.
Here are some pics you might enjoy...
art by Quique411

Jimmy h., RIP Next, unknown artists

Last month a friend invited me to sell some art at Houston's Remarket. It rain most of the time and got shut down early but was still a lot of fun. Met lots of people and sold one piece of art. Before I continue there is something you should know and share with everyone. I usually don't sell my artwork and very rare do i charge much for it. I can't afford most art shows or gallery because they charge to sell or show your artwork. I don't like asking people to be part of artshows because of that reason but do like being in artshows. I'm not a real artist as i don't make a living from my art work but don't really care. I make art and paintings for the love of it and it helps like meditation and relaxation. Better than being anorexia, wink wink...
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On a side not, if you go into a coffee shop with a list and don't tip your baristas then you are a big ass douchebag and should be shot and hang and not in that order. Those guys work for tips and don't get paid shit and they bust their asses off for you. So don't be a asshole and tip for christ sake.
later gators

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