Monday, March 24, 2014

Letting Inaccurate Executioners Stipend

Camouflage spray paint art by Tony Alma.

Animal have been using camouflage to live being for hiding, killing, or mating. As humans we use lies as a form of camouflage to hide our true intentions. Here are some pictures of liars...

unknown artist.
Strkus maybe?
Walking dames or the walking lame. J/k looks like fun...
Everything is fine now so we don't have to protest anymore right guys? right?
Give up posters at Doomy book store, which is now close.
Ack at work.
Some dude smoking a blunt.
You can't tell but I ollied into a huge bank Alma.

Well, they weren't all liars but they were fun pictures.

Here are early works of a finished painting from last post. Now go out and have sex... :)

Hope you enjoy them, next issues bringing sexy back or is this sexy?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Living In Guietus Hindrance Trepidations

"A poor man's art have better homes than the artist. Most people don't care about the artist just the art he makes. Why should they? Many artist are jerks, drunks, druggies but loved none the least." -Tony Alma

paint on canvans, 18by10inches. bunny mask.


Drink up, death awaits. One of the Deathhead brothers at an art show a few years back.

 Death should not be feared if you've lived a good life. Of course if you haven't been helping man kind and/or hurting people physical or mentally, you've been having trouble sleeping. But don't fear death, death is not the end nor beginning, it is just part of everything.
So don't hide behind a mask, kick sleep out of your eyes, do something fun before you say goodbye...

skull sticker shake drying.

Aremos on passing train.

Faceless cartoon sticker by Quique411.

Queens of the Stone Age, H-town TX.

Forgot the kids name, blunt to fakie, EZ7 Houston tx.

So enlighten one self, walk into the light, light it up, and blah blah blah. Death is the only thing certain in life, it will happen to all of us but don't worry. We all live forever...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Radiance Energy Never Enters Weakness

mixed media on heavy paper, 16x21in.

We all want to start over but we keep doing the same mistakes over and over again. Not because we want to but for whatever reason we can't seem to help our self. Sometimes it's not always a bad thing to do the same thing like eating right or working out. Other times, like drinking or hurting others, it might not be so good for us or love ones.
There are three things you will always see on this blog which are constant in my life. Art, music, and skating have a big impact but sometimes one of those things are hard to do. Right now, because I am trying to get over pneumonia, I can go skate but I can still paint and play music. Not that you care but here are some pics that might explain things a little better...

Five-O at southside skatepark.

art by Quique411 , to see more of his work check out his instagram page,

Queens of the Stone Age.

Unknown artist.

pop sketch edit.

Well kids, that's going to it for now so until next time don't let shit get to you and enjoy yourself even if you are in pain.

Also on a side note, if you save one or more of my pics and use as a background on your desktop or whatever send us an email or a pic. We enjoy seeing stuff like that, thank you and take care...