Thursday, May 29, 2014

Melancholy Orifice Open Dishearten

Painting on wood.
This one came to me in a dream and took two days to paint, about 2 hours each day. It's change quite a bit as the painting progress but still came out good at least in my eyes.
Here are some pics from other peeps you might enjoy, and check out their links to see more of their art work.

Street art and photo by Quique411
Art by Fletch
One painting on canvas of a set of two by Quique after James O'Barr

Was going to post more but not really in the mood. Until next time smell ya later...

Blowup doll unfinished?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Anguish Consciousness Hurt Education

Deja vu, have we used this before? Let's work on a new star wars painting, who shall we do?
Here are some ran stuff.

Taco Land R.I.P.
Backside 180 heelflip 360, J in ally.
Art by Risk.
Short but nice, ha ha, that's what she said. Anywho, been making music and less art and photos so keep an eye out for the album to drop. Until next time, make poop not art...

Crying bird at the zoo, let them free. cage is torture

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tremendous Intercourse Timid Simpletons

Acrylic, ink, color pencils, markers, and spit on wood 2ft by 4ft. New painting finished and for sale.
This issue we show the process of a painting that took a month but only because we didn't work on it everyday. I would say about 30 minutes twice a week but we really didn't keep track. Well, I guess no one is really keeping track are they?

There you have it, guess there could have been so dialogue as to what is what but oh well. Now here are some random shit...

Can you name this band? Hint, it's a hardcore band from Say town.

More boobs.
Blk Lstd.
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