Monday, October 31, 2011

Blind Ghost Shit With Eye Holes

Happy Fake Scary Day Ya!
Of all the made up holidays, Halloween is many folks favorite one. No exception here but, what is really scary is that racism is alive and kicking in Grand Ol' Texass. Didn't know when I got invited to a house party in Conroe, TX that black people were not allowed to go. "White power!" screams the host as others cheer and give nazi salutes. Whattheffuu!? If there was a way to leave, it would have been taken. Made a pack with the camera not to take pictures of things we don't like so, instead we will show pictures of the good times we did have this past week. 

Rick's pumpkin, picture by Rick.

A friend and a gun.

Free drink to the person that can name all of the characters.

Party people.

Stray cat with toothbrush mustache.

Some street art by unknown person.

Sneaking up on people.

Just a little reminder that not everyone in Texas is racist but all states have idiots. There are a lot of help online on how to deal with racist people. 2011, almost 2012 and there are still stupid people living out in the backwoods that don't know times have change. Let's all make an effort to be more open minded and help each other get educated. 

In other news:
Trying to start  a Tumblr account but... well, you be the judge.
Take care everyone and sorry if anyone got offended but not really :)
(laughing in the most inappropriate times)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Muertos, A Celebration Of Love

Zombies walking aimlessly.

Day of the dead can mean a lot of different things for different people. Some use it to morn loss loved ones but to others it's remembering how they affected us when they were with us. Yet, for the most part for many it's to get a shit load of sweets. Here's to all the people we have loss, you will never die when we keep you in our hearts.
You have to enjoy life and the people in it while it's here. Sometimes we can get caught up in the bull shit...

Sticker at bus stop by unknown artist.

Zombie danger.

More zombies.

Art by Dual.

Taco place.

Cell service would be great right about now. Are there any more pay phones?

Unknown artist, mini hotel.

Sax player.

The Lone Star state.

Thanks for taking the time to view this blog and have a fun, safe, and happy good time.

Might start a Tumblr account but don't have a set date yet. What do you think?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Laitudinous Occupy Structure

The ol' "fetus in a jar with a plastic six pack ring around it's neck" piece of art.

With Halloween approaching faster and faster thought you might enjoy a new spin on some old art.
But before we get to the art stuff, there are many chaotic things going on around the world. While many people in the U.S. don't understand, or care, what all the protests are about, thought a little light and some free advertisement for them would be nice. Without of course getting too political on your ass, here are some pictures from Houston's own protest. They call themself and even though they aren't as big as the one in N.Y. at least they are trying. Let's at least take the time to hear them out...

And with that said let's get back to art.

Some random pictures from random days.

Unknown artist.

Taking bike rides are fun and adventures. Too bad it has to be sold.

That's no way to talk about people, how rude. Houston ranks number nine fattest people according to Men's Health.

Unknown artists.

Unknown wood artist.

Next job?

Your t.v. is watching you.

Unknown artist.

Give up and unknown artist.

Thank you to my cousin for this generous gift. Making great music with it.

Bird feeder.

Tiny torn sticker by unknown artist.

Unknown protester.

Table at Bohemeos Cafe.

So keep your head up and keep a look out. Working on some street stickers that are going to be for fun and nothing more. If you want to hang out send an email. Take care everyone

Monday, October 10, 2011

Defiance Eventuate

Snake ready to strike.

Had a busy week and short on time now. Have a lot of pictures but they will have to wait until later this week. Here are just a few to hold you over...

Want to thank everyone that help with the comments issue. Remember that the facebook page has been deleted and it's nothing against you. Take care of yourself and each other, spread the word...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Diurnal Irritation Avaricious

Welcome inter-netters to this month's (October!) first blog issue. This is a staute found in the trash that I started to paint but is still unfinished. Looking back most months were filled with lots of post but now we're lucky if we get two a month. Going to try and post at least once a week this month, but no promises.

Milky trying to bust free, nice pit bull. Many say it's a dog eat dog world and many times it feels that way. Then again, here are some pictures of people who have help out in the rough times. Be it by taking us out, or letting one sleep on their couch, or just hanging out and having a few drinks. Thank you...

D.J.s with Tupac shedding a light tear. Ha...

Spinning those 45s.

Laser dog.

Guy and Antony having a discussion.
Picture him with a little Mexican hat and holding some maracas, you know you want to dance with him.

Susan trying to teach us how to hula hoop.

Joshua and Kanako.

Skating at Houston's downtown skate park. Fun

There are many more people one would like to thank but lets do that in person. If you would like to check out some of my older artwork go to for a peek. Email for comments, thanks. Stay safe and be kind...