Monday, October 31, 2011

Blind Ghost Shit With Eye Holes

Happy Fake Scary Day Ya!
Of all the made up holidays, Halloween is many folks favorite one. No exception here but, what is really scary is that racism is alive and kicking in Grand Ol' Texass. Didn't know when I got invited to a house party in Conroe, TX that black people were not allowed to go. "White power!" screams the host as others cheer and give nazi salutes. Whattheffuu!? If there was a way to leave, it would have been taken. Made a pack with the camera not to take pictures of things we don't like so, instead we will show pictures of the good times we did have this past week. 

Rick's pumpkin, picture by Rick.

A friend and a gun.

Free drink to the person that can name all of the characters.

Party people.

Stray cat with toothbrush mustache.

Some street art by unknown person.

Sneaking up on people.

Just a little reminder that not everyone in Texas is racist but all states have idiots. There are a lot of help online on how to deal with racist people. 2011, almost 2012 and there are still stupid people living out in the backwoods that don't know times have change. Let's all make an effort to be more open minded and help each other get educated. 

In other news:
Trying to start  a Tumblr account but... well, you be the judge.
Take care everyone and sorry if anyone got offended but not really :)
(laughing in the most inappropriate times)

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