Monday, October 3, 2011

Diurnal Irritation Avaricious

Welcome inter-netters to this month's (October!) first blog issue. This is a staute found in the trash that I started to paint but is still unfinished. Looking back most months were filled with lots of post but now we're lucky if we get two a month. Going to try and post at least once a week this month, but no promises.

Milky trying to bust free, nice pit bull. Many say it's a dog eat dog world and many times it feels that way. Then again, here are some pictures of people who have help out in the rough times. Be it by taking us out, or letting one sleep on their couch, or just hanging out and having a few drinks. Thank you...

D.J.s with Tupac shedding a light tear. Ha...

Spinning those 45s.

Laser dog.

Guy and Antony having a discussion.
Picture him with a little Mexican hat and holding some maracas, you know you want to dance with him.

Susan trying to teach us how to hula hoop.

Joshua and Kanako.

Skating at Houston's downtown skate park. Fun

There are many more people one would like to thank but lets do that in person. If you would like to check out some of my older artwork go to for a peek. Email for comments, thanks. Stay safe and be kind...


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