Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tranquil Insanity

Oil pastel on cardboard, sold. Picture by owner, edit by Tony.It's an old piece of art work but many haven't seen it. As most of you know I don't like selling the original art work but...
Thinking about having a bidding war on here for a original art piece.  What do you think?

Okay, here are your damn pictures... enjoy...

Artist from the 1st Friday art show at the Jalapeno in July. That's this week so don't forget like we forgot this artist's name and the others too. Comment if you know them or the names, thanks.

DJ and... ummm... sorry dude, love the art work though. :)

Yum and yum. Don't forget, this Friday, July 1st art show at 512 S. Flores in San Antonio TX.
Sklcrn? We've been warned.

What the fregs? Like I's like mes som fregs legs, huh? Okay, see you Friday and I'll bring the last of the prints. Sorry to being so shy...

**click on pictures to enlarge.**

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alienated Befuddlement

Where the past is underpass. Things don't have to be the way you think they have to be. Here are flyers for a few art shows next month. With pictures of other stuff that you might enjoy...

Art at the Jalapeno on Friday July 1st from 7pm to 10pm, flyer by Alfredo Lopez.

Art Slam! at White Rabbit on July 23 from 8pm to close, flyer by Henry Quiara.

Light writer.
Any questions?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Luminous Obscurity

Light drawing.

Going to be part of three art shows in July so this is a heads up. Two will be live painting and one will be displaying a new or old painting. Here are the info and whatnots...

July 3 - Art at the Jalapeno, 512 S. Flores St., San Antonio TX. Free event 7pm to 10pm.
July 5 - The Friendly Spot (Blue Moon contest):, 943 S Alamo, San Antonio TX. Free event 8pm to 11pm.
July 23 - White Rabbit (Art Slam!), 2410 N St Marys St, San Antonio TX. Between $5 and $8 (unsure), 8pm till close.
Might get a plus one to Art Slam! so holla if ya want in, but remember we said might get a plus one.

Well there you have it world, the plans for July. Almost out of prints so thanks to everyone that bought one or two. See everyone soon...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Songs For The Eyes

Had thoughts about painting over this one but people seem to like it. Feels like it's missing something but not quite sure what that is. What do you think?
Going to be part of three or four art shows in July. Will post dates and location later this week so stay tuned. Working on many different paintings for pleasure and these are just a sneak preview. What would you like to see painted? What's your favorite color?
Squirrel posing.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The 2011 Blue Moon Duel Part One

Congratulations to first place winner of the Blue Moon art duel, forgot the name though. Lots of talented artist and lots of free beers to artist. Each artist got two free beers but people kept buy beers that some artist didn't have to use their tickets for beers. Still a little hung over but here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy...

The Cove grows their own veggies, love it.

DJ keeping artist from getting thirsty and his badass t-shirt.

Fletch working on his painting.

Tony Alma's last minute idea, just couldn't think of anything that says San Antonio. Had fun and that's what really matters, right?

Aesop getting down and again thanks for the gift.

Dominic getting down and taking pictures.

The always wonderful and sweet Laura that made all this happen. Thanks again for everything.

Fletch's finish piece.

Unknown artist.

Unknown artist.

Then afterward we went to the Texan two for a shot and friends.

Fletch and Crystal.

Tarren being naughty.

It was a great time but now it's time to look for work. Filling out applications take so much time but it has to be done. Thanks to everyone that came out to support the local artist and thanks to everyone else that makes hard times easier. Much love and take care