Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sees Spell

Finished painting late one night and without a muse. Yeah, those SLEEPLESS nights it's fun playing games. Wish there was more beer but oh what can one do.
Rode the bike earlier, much earlier than most people but here are pictures from some of the places...

Big boy issue...

Nice bike jack ass.

Ana something, maybe? It's at Blue Star San Antonio Texas. If you know speak up.

Sign post with yarn around it at Blue Star.

Art by Cathy Cunningham at Blue Star.

Jack Gron at Blue Star.

Hans Molzberger.

George Webernick.

Brent Baggett.

Julia Barbosa Landois. Kids were watching this too! Don't even want to talk about it.

On a hot pink scooter.

Two Butts gang sign?

Cactus Bra sign.

Yarn cover on hand rails, the new skate stoppers? Skateboarding is not a crime man, oh wait, yeah it is... lame...

The Jalapeno on 512 South Flores had great art, music, and other stuff. Went way too early and left way too early.

Baby fetus in a jar with a plastic six pack ring around it's neck is now for sell.
A bit dark but it gets the message across but what that message is, one really doesn't know. A one of a kind item, no other like it in the world, by tony alma. Patterson's art on the right but that is not for sale.

Before we forget on June 7th, 2011, which is on a Tuesday, Blue Moon beer company is having a art contest at the Cove, San Antonio TX. From 7pm to 9pm if you want to see some live art and buy some prints. I'm a little shy but will talk if you ask questions or have beers. Support your local artist.
Also, If you know about any job openings, maybe something that has to do with art? Never hurts to ask right?

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tony alma works said...

Still don't have a name for the very top painting, what should we name it? Any ideas?