Thursday, June 16, 2011

Luminous Obscurity

Light drawing.

Going to be part of three art shows in July so this is a heads up. Two will be live painting and one will be displaying a new or old painting. Here are the info and whatnots...

July 3 - Art at the Jalapeno, 512 S. Flores St., San Antonio TX. Free event 7pm to 10pm.
July 5 - The Friendly Spot (Blue Moon contest):, 943 S Alamo, San Antonio TX. Free event 8pm to 11pm.
July 23 - White Rabbit (Art Slam!), 2410 N St Marys St, San Antonio TX. Between $5 and $8 (unsure), 8pm till close.
Might get a plus one to Art Slam! so holla if ya want in, but remember we said might get a plus one.

Well there you have it world, the plans for July. Almost out of prints so thanks to everyone that bought one or two. See everyone soon...

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