Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Huge Opportunities Perceives Everyone

Saw this on the floor while working on some paintings. Thought it was perfect because of all the bad stuff that has been happening lately. But things aren't always as bad as one might think when friends help out.

Went looking for work early one morning when something unexpected and amazing happen.

A turtle laying eggs near the river walk. After it was done it shot off like a rocket back into the water. Slow moving my ass...
It was faster than one might think.

And yesterday friends bought beers for us.

Matt looking hard.

Meet some cool people but don't remember the names.

Random person.

Evil Dave's art work all tagged up.

Pink bunny got fucked.

Soup working.

Reyzer a bit blurry so we know it's time to head home.

Last years painting, photo by unknown person.

Tonight is the Blue Moon art contest at the Cove in San Antonio. The address is 606 W. Cypress and it starts around 8pm but we should be there by 7pm. Don't have anything plan on what to paint tonight but it should be fine. Didn't have anything planned last year and got second place thanks to beer. Hope to see you there tonight.

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