Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Grey Goose On A Sunny Day

Raining days are the best. Send your coming up shows and let us know. Have a very happy and safe new years. Much love to everyone. Hope to see every one soon. Remember I have a new place and everyone is welcomed. Take care...
Tony Alma

Monday, December 13, 2010

Fuck You I Love Mondays Assholes

The day started with a hazy blur from nine tall boys on the coffee table. So around eight this morning after cashing a check at the bank we woke up Fletch. Told him one skate park and went to another one, sorry. Then went and woke up Jeff from a restless sleep to go skate. Here he cleared the sidewalk from the bank to the street. Nice and clean.
Didn't land it but he came close, still like the way the picture came out.

Jared got up early and took pictures in the cold. Lack of sleep might have contribute to this photo so we hope he doesn't mind us posting it. Thanks Jared, good times.

And he cave man to board slide a rail while a douchebag calls the cops.

One eighty and ollie to fakie.

Martinez skate park was fun but lonely. Bit slippery also but fun none the less.

There is a whole series from Sunday morning but you will have to come over to see those.
It's different but than again everything new is going to always be different. Having a little bit of trouble painting but still doing it every day even if it is only for a few minutes.
Miss my family and hate christmas, there you have it. Till next time, take care of your self and your love ones. Peace.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Board and Hours of Fun


Went skating with Jeff and Will at Normal skatepark in San Antonio. For the most part the park was all our's to enjoy in beautiful weather.

Will 180 disaster rock and roll.


Now it's time to get ready for work tomorrow after not working for ten months. It's a great way to end a nice unasked for vacation. Hope everyone is as happy as I am. New place, new job, new skate tricks, new art, new outlook. Remember to get back up, dust yourself off, get back on that board. Relax and flow. Don't be so negative and just enjoy yourself. Life is about laughing, hanging with friends and family, and being happy. Be happy.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

End of the End and the Beginning of the Beginning

A short tail ally cat on the way back home.
Everything has been moved to the new place in the southeast side. Taking a little break to give you guys an update and post some pictures. Might start working so that means less art shows but more art work. Now the bike ride to downtown is a bit longer but really not that bad.
short tail ally cat.leans against wall

short tail ally cat eating crackers
Once everything gets settle in there will be more pictures and art. Come by and say hi...

Friday, November 26, 2010

No Thanks-taking But Thanksgiving

Jeff and Shagnasty playing with their luck as they wait for the grub to begin. It was warmer than people had thought it was going to be. The weather forecast had called for cold winds and a drop in temperature but we were all dressed light.

Some folks got there on their bikes and why not, it was such a nice day.

Taking polaroid pictures with Andy's camera was fun.

Jena cooking all day taking a smoke break while the guys play outside getting drunker.

Caitlin helping with the mashing of the potatoes.

Andy throws a horseshoe as Jeff waits his turn.

Jena's brother, sorry but forgot his name.


Drinking too early and not eating can have some effects.

Window with wind chimes. Some peeps can't leave home for too long...

Jena and David getting the food ready for consumption.

Want to thank Andy and Jena for having all of us over and feeding us a great meal. It's good to feel like you have a family away from home. And in many ways, it's a little bit nicer because no one ends up crying or screaming or fighting or all of the above but we'll keep that between us. ;)

Now it's time to finish packing and get ready for our move, very exciting. Much love to everyone, take care and we'll see you next month...

Monday, November 22, 2010

The day started at around noon after waking up on a friend's sofa. The heat of winter was very sticky and muggy but the day look great. So after a nice bike ride home to eat and shower it was back on the street for more picture taking.

(unknown dog)
 The rest of the night is a blur just like the photos.

 Hidden death flowers.
strange people at strange times in strange places

A pounding headache will not stop us from doing it again, so it wont be the last time. Working on moving and painting but moving kind of sluggish lately. Having a little bit of trouble painting too. Let's hope the move helps with artist block. Who wants to come to the house warming party?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Current's Contest on 13th of November 2010

The weather report said chance of rain but man, were they wrong. Cool breeze, bright blue sky, and good friends all day long. Art Slam!, Blue Moon, and the Current were join by the Jalapeno to put a great Saturday afternoon delightful event. Here are some of the highlights.

 Paint your own Blue Moon art thingy.
Rob and Liz with cupcakes.
Henry and his invisible band.

 The Jalapeno's tent.
Unknown artist.

Aesop and Laura.

Tony Alma got a case of Blue Moon, the beer not the other thing. photo by Jena

 Fletch and his drink. (photo by Jena)
Talking with Josh. photo by Jena
Say ahhh, the front of the Current box.

 Far left unknown artist, middle Tony Alma, far right Aesop.
Side and front view.
Side and back view.
Top view, Peace.

Want to thank everyone that made this event possible and every one that came out. Good vibes and great friends made this day feel like a dream. Every day should feel this way, Take care everyone and have a beautiful day.

***click on pictures to enlarge***