Monday, December 13, 2010

Fuck You I Love Mondays Assholes

The day started with a hazy blur from nine tall boys on the coffee table. So around eight this morning after cashing a check at the bank we woke up Fletch. Told him one skate park and went to another one, sorry. Then went and woke up Jeff from a restless sleep to go skate. Here he cleared the sidewalk from the bank to the street. Nice and clean.
Didn't land it but he came close, still like the way the picture came out.

Jared got up early and took pictures in the cold. Lack of sleep might have contribute to this photo so we hope he doesn't mind us posting it. Thanks Jared, good times.

And he cave man to board slide a rail while a douchebag calls the cops.

One eighty and ollie to fakie.

Martinez skate park was fun but lonely. Bit slippery also but fun none the less.

There is a whole series from Sunday morning but you will have to come over to see those.
It's different but than again everything new is going to always be different. Having a little bit of trouble painting but still doing it every day even if it is only for a few minutes.
Miss my family and hate christmas, there you have it. Till next time, take care of your self and your love ones. Peace.

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