Friday, November 26, 2010

No Thanks-taking But Thanksgiving

Jeff and Shagnasty playing with their luck as they wait for the grub to begin. It was warmer than people had thought it was going to be. The weather forecast had called for cold winds and a drop in temperature but we were all dressed light.

Some folks got there on their bikes and why not, it was such a nice day.

Taking polaroid pictures with Andy's camera was fun.

Jena cooking all day taking a smoke break while the guys play outside getting drunker.

Caitlin helping with the mashing of the potatoes.

Andy throws a horseshoe as Jeff waits his turn.

Jena's brother, sorry but forgot his name.


Drinking too early and not eating can have some effects.

Window with wind chimes. Some peeps can't leave home for too long...

Jena and David getting the food ready for consumption.

Want to thank Andy and Jena for having all of us over and feeding us a great meal. It's good to feel like you have a family away from home. And in many ways, it's a little bit nicer because no one ends up crying or screaming or fighting or all of the above but we'll keep that between us. ;)

Now it's time to finish packing and get ready for our move, very exciting. Much love to everyone, take care and we'll see you next month...

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