Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Looking back at last month, despite all the anguish, October was fill with great friends and great times. Here are just a few pictures that never got around to posting.

 Dawn at the Alamo, by H. A. McArdle.

Luis came by and took us to Austin for a day of endangerment & liveliness events.
Do my, best book store ever.

Hate him or not he's out there, are you?

Did you know, you aren't allow to take pictures of this cat, woops.
Squirrels licking stones.

Smut art by unknown person.

Far right painting by H-train, others unknown artist.

Helped judge a tattoo contest.
Had some art, in a restroom somewhere, vandalize.

Hung out with Andy and Jena.
Had a few drinks.
Jena makes a mean portobello mushroom burger.

Road some bikes with a big group of people.

Ric and Laura riding bikes.

Ric fakie tail stall on 4 in a half mini.
 Art by Josh last name unknown.
Skating and music. There's alot more of that going around.

Viewed some art.

 So... let's see what comes our way next. Some say it's optimistic to think every day is a great day but fuck them, it's a great fucking day! Happy birthday to everyone!!!

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