Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Current's Contest on 13th of November 2010

The weather report said chance of rain but man, were they wrong. Cool breeze, bright blue sky, and good friends all day long. Art Slam!, Blue Moon, and the Current were join by the Jalapeno to put a great Saturday afternoon delightful event. Here are some of the highlights.

 Paint your own Blue Moon art thingy.
Rob and Liz with cupcakes.
Henry and his invisible band.

 The Jalapeno's tent.
Unknown artist.

Aesop and Laura.

Tony Alma got a case of Blue Moon, the beer not the other thing. photo by Jena

 Fletch and his drink. (photo by Jena)
Talking with Josh. photo by Jena
Say ahhh, the front of the Current box.

 Far left unknown artist, middle Tony Alma, far right Aesop.
Side and front view.
Side and back view.
Top view, Peace.

Want to thank everyone that made this event possible and every one that came out. Good vibes and great friends made this day feel like a dream. Every day should feel this way, Take care everyone and have a beautiful day.

***click on pictures to enlarge***

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