Thursday, June 2, 2011

Holding Electricity Luminous Plebeians

"Panda" 8x10 prints are here.
The prints do not have the blog's name, of course, that's just for the post. Also because not all of you can be trusted so don't make your own prints. I will sign and number them in the back or front if you like. Limited numbers made so they will go fast. Going to do the whole 1st Friday and start at Blue Star, then go to the Jalapeno on 512 S. Flores San Antonio. Stop at some house party, Head downtown at the Texan Two and last but not least visit a friend at the Hog Stand. Don't know what time but it should around five or six until late, just guessing. Might not have a phone so it's going to be a lot harder to get in touched.
In brighter news, sold one of the hand made tees to some Austin friends and thank them a bunch. They said there are fans of my artwork in Austin.
Started painting again after finding my Muse, she is so beautiful. She doesn't want any pictures of her on here so we will respect her wishes. Feels good to paint again, maybe things are starting to pick up. Still need to find a part time job.
What else, what else, let's see...

What prints should eye make next? You can check out some of the other paintings on  or do you just want to wait for the new paintings? Come on people, say something...

One more thing, thanks to everyone that is helping with these hard times. Take care friends...

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