Monday, October 17, 2011

Laitudinous Occupy Structure

The ol' "fetus in a jar with a plastic six pack ring around it's neck" piece of art.

With Halloween approaching faster and faster thought you might enjoy a new spin on some old art.
But before we get to the art stuff, there are many chaotic things going on around the world. While many people in the U.S. don't understand, or care, what all the protests are about, thought a little light and some free advertisement for them would be nice. Without of course getting too political on your ass, here are some pictures from Houston's own protest. They call themself and even though they aren't as big as the one in N.Y. at least they are trying. Let's at least take the time to hear them out...

And with that said let's get back to art.

Some random pictures from random days.

Unknown artist.

Taking bike rides are fun and adventures. Too bad it has to be sold.

That's no way to talk about people, how rude. Houston ranks number nine fattest people according to Men's Health.

Unknown artists.

Unknown wood artist.

Next job?

Your t.v. is watching you.

Unknown artist.

Give up and unknown artist.

Thank you to my cousin for this generous gift. Making great music with it.

Bird feeder.

Tiny torn sticker by unknown artist.

Unknown protester.

Table at Bohemeos Cafe.

So keep your head up and keep a look out. Working on some street stickers that are going to be for fun and nothing more. If you want to hang out send an email. Take care everyone

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