Monday, November 7, 2011

Residuum Carbon Based

Hungry stray eating a bird.We all need to eat to survive in this world. If you want to fish, you need to buy a fishing license. If you want to hunt, you need to buy a hunting license. For every animal there is a different license in order to hunt and eat it. Otherwise you will get fine or possible jail time for trying to feed yourself. Don't worry, they have food in jail.
Until food is free outside of jail you will have to just feed your eyes with these delicious pictures...

Unknown street artists.
After trying to get art shows in H-town and not having any luck, started to do more street art. I don't take my camera all the time when doing street art so you wont see pictures of it, or will you? Here are some pics of a skateboard art show that people were kind of snobby. It's funny when skaters/artist can't get in a skateboard "art show"...

Good thing we have friends outside the art scene.

If it wasn't for certain friends and family this is were some of us would be.

Feed your hunger.
Take care everyone, and check out our Tumblr and Twitter for ramdom pictures. Peace

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