Thursday, November 10, 2011

Slew Ardent Departure

Detail of an old painting.
Might not have internet access next week so posting a bit early. A few things going on as far as art goes. One, created a Deviant account to try and sell some prints. Cash flow is running low so tell your friends to buy some prints! Here is the
for those that want it. Two, been working on new ideas for paintings but haven't started any new ones. Three, having way too much fun doing street art that one stopped looking for art gallery's to show in. Four, it's hard to say goodbye. Five...

Cow art.

Couch surfing at friend's place is still fun.

Street art by Wiley09.

5th Ward.

street art by Bri Ks?

One more thing...

Here are some other sites for those that keep asking. Thanks
Deviant Art:
And working on Google Plus profile so add to circles or whatever. Facebook got lame so it got deleted, don't hate.  Take care everyone...

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