Monday, March 24, 2014

Letting Inaccurate Executioners Stipend

Camouflage spray paint art by Tony Alma.

Animal have been using camouflage to live being for hiding, killing, or mating. As humans we use lies as a form of camouflage to hide our true intentions. Here are some pictures of liars...

unknown artist.
Strkus maybe?
Walking dames or the walking lame. J/k looks like fun...
Everything is fine now so we don't have to protest anymore right guys? right?
Give up posters at Doomy book store, which is now close.
Ack at work.
Some dude smoking a blunt.
You can't tell but I ollied into a huge bank Alma.

Well, they weren't all liars but they were fun pictures.

Here are early works of a finished painting from last post. Now go out and have sex... :)

Hope you enjoy them, next issues bringing sexy back or is this sexy?

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