Monday, October 14, 2013

Idiots Never Seem Aware Near Everyone

Blackbird looking at you.
photo by Tony Alma

You think your life is crazy but chances are that there is someone else life that is crazier. A few years back a person talking to them self was considered crazy but now with Bluetooth and such, talking to yourself, is very common. Everything changes, including what people consider being crazy.
Being different doesn't always mean it's a bad thing. Many eccentric genius have been thought to be crazy but turn out to be the complete opposite. Most artist have be consider a little crazy and for the most part you have to be a little crazy to be a good artist.
This issue is mostly about some of the crazy shit that happens around the city. Trying to keep one's sanity can be bit of a challenge but not impossible. Email some of your crazy experience that happen to you and we'll turn it into a comic strip.
 here are some pictures of people that might be a little off but for all we know they could be a pure genius...

bums at a bus stop, damn i hate taking the bus. anyone know where i can get a bike for free? please?

bus drivers aren't any better. she is on speaker phone and sits right behind me in a empty dinning room, really?

liars on a street corner.

a really great musician and artist, Daniel Johnston.

Fans at a Rockets game, is it Basketball season yet?

Birdman of San Antonio, TX

One of the Deathhead Brothers acting up.

Art by move, photo by tony alma. is it a sign?

photo by tony alma.

Had many more pics of crazy shit but would take toooooo long to post so that's all for now. Till next time try and keep your sanity, take care everyone...

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