Saturday, December 29, 2012

Adding and Subtracting Carbon Vitality

Listen to the voice of love which sounds a lot like pain.
Found a way to post pictures using a different site and links and whatnots. Most of the pictures are going to be old pictures because we still can't afford a new camera. Everytime we save enough money somethings happen that we have to spend it. Texas doesn't want to let go but it's ok, there must be a reason why. Right?
Been working on a bunch of new paintings but not going to show them until they are done. If you want to come by and check them out send us a email for a tour. Also, tell your friends and help spread the word about this blog and the artworks.
Anyways, the year is almost done and it's been a rough one but we made it. Not all of us made it but not to fear, they will always be in our hearts. Life is short, don't waste it on negative people. Use your energy to make people happy, make yourself happy, try something new, something different, or don't.
Thanks for all the comments and for stopping by, see you next year...

and on the street...

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