Friday, July 19, 2013

Aliens Love Outcasted Neanderthal Empathy

Awake at the end. Working on a new patch of candles as well as a bunch of artwork.
I have been invited to be part of art shows in Cali, Austin, San Antonio, and Japan (but can't afford to travel) I still can't get any art shows in Hateston err, i mean Houston. Had a private art show at my studio which went great and thanks to everyone that came by and bought art. Planning on having another private art show at my studio just don't know when yet. Or maybe we will just wait to be part of Houston Art Crawl when it comes by. Not sure when but we will keep you updated.
Here is a painting by Qieque which you might enjoy, check it...
Hope to see you next issue, take care...

Toeknee Alma

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