Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting Ravage Over Women Takes Hindsight

bird Fingers.
new painting on cardboard 2ft x 2ft, for sale.

No one said life would be easy, they might try and make you think life can be easy with just a pill or whatever but it's all bull shit. Just because life isn't easy doesn't mean life isn't beautiful. Why waste so much time angry and hating when there is so much beauty and fun out there. Why? Because there are people who want to hate and be angry and want everyone else to be as miserable as they are.

You have to find what makes you happy and not depend on other people for enlightenment. Only boring people are bored and most bored people are boring.

You have to go through shit before you see the rain clear the dirt, and clouds part for the sun to shine through.  But that's the only way to grow is to challenge yourself. Life is a struggle but not impossible to live. Things might not be going the way you would like but it's never what u expect, is it?
I read yesterday's news and it makes me sad, trying to catch up to what's happening now. Please don't tell me who won, I'll find out real soon. Just give me some time, before you tell me the time. It keeps dragging on, time keeps dragging on, and on, and on...

damn i miss having a bike to ride and a guitar to play. Le sigh.

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I got invited to an art show in Miami next year but doubtful about going. Funny how you can get invites to art show everywhere except where you live. Guess you can't burn bridges without being remembered, or you know. Things will get better.

Go make someone smile, go make someone laugh, go make love, or not.
I don't have facebook so stop asking and stop making fake facebook pages. And don't forget to not comment and don't tell your friends about this blog. Thinking of eating meat again after so many years? Have to find a new place? Find a new job?

Or whatever...

Make farts not art. That is all.