Sunday, April 27, 2014

Most Often Imbeciles Spoil Trance

A look can mean many things. Close up of a painting still on the works.

Last issue wasn't as well received as we had hope so it will be delete. Remember kids, you can click on the picture to view larger. Most of the pictures are better view on screen bigger than your palm. So enjoy this short issue of stills...
Wait, before we continue here is a painting that is framed for sale, let's say $200 to start.
 Let the bidding begin...

Fun with lights.
Quique411 helping out with his camera and light writing skills.
Art by Quique411, we had more light art but didn't have time to edit. Maybe next time.
Toe-Knee Alma 180 disaster.
Art by Bode.

Random cat in a window display.
That's it for now but next issue more street art, music, and boobs...


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