Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Woven Erectus Being

Candle and blowup doll.

Welcome back everyone, summer is here again and you know what that means. If you do let me know cause I have no idea. This heat is cooking my brian, um er brain. Been working on more art cause the music isn't going as planned. Painting another glass candle seen in the background and a blowup doll in the frontground. Both seen better below.
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Music Candle.
Unknown artist.
Blowup doll finished and for sale. Starting bid...
Flamin Hellcats, a few years ago and don't know if they have a website but here is their facebook page.
So that's it for now but next post there should be more, hopefully...

Also, try using some of the pics as background pics. they look a lot better bigger. That's what she... nevermind.

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