Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fortune Idler Xanthans

Sketch for a new painting.
Don't mean to sound like a broken r3cord but haven't been posting because all the different projects ah got going. Working on a bunch of new songs which should be ready to b put down by the end of the year. Maybe a album release party if things go right. Email or Twitter me if you want to b invited to the party.
Art wise ah got a few paintings in the works but need a model for two of them. Things are cool right now so subscribe to this blog by clicking on the subscribe button or follow us on Twitter.
Still can't find anyone that wants to go skate a skate park so haven't been skating. If you skateboard, and you don't even have to be good, and want to go skate with a cool dude email us.
Photo wise, don't have much room or a good cam so if u would like to help out send us your pics and we'll post them here. Include who took the pics, what city, who's in the pic or what artist if possible, and any other info you would like to include. Thanks and come back soon...
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