Monday, October 6, 2014

Pliable Activity Inquietude Nations

Kickflip, Paint on canvas, 18in. by 26in or something like that. For sale, $40 by the end of the month otherwise it is getting painted over. Any takers?

Hell-o-ween is coming soon, which is always fun, and there are lots of party to choose from. Send us your cos pics, it's not just once a year anymore.
Art by Quique411. Click here to see more art and pics.
Been seeing more and more "art"on shitters. Is that where the art world is going to?
Sketch of the painting at the top, sometimes trash is the closest thing to sketch on but you have to get the idea down before you forget it.

That's it for the time being but got some things plan so stay tune and tell your friends.

And before we forget come check out this event in Houston, TX.
Click here for more info on the event and click here to see more of Wiley's art which is who did the poster art.

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