Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Whole Kitchen Feels Like A Walk In Freezer

Waiting for the snow but some doubt it's going to happen. This is a sneak peek, and yes we know it's a bad picture but don't really care, of a new painting trying to decide if we should take it to 1st Friday. It's really cold and windy outside so remember to bundle up. The next picture might upset some people so Viewer discretion is advised...
Carcass of a baby bird on the AC unit and the wind blew it up. The parents came and try to defend it while taking pictures of it. There is beauty that a creature can feel pain and heartache like humans. Love is so powerful it can deviate from death. 

Thorn spider started to build a spiderweb but must have gotten blown away by the cold wind because it's gone now. Phew, try saying that three times fast.

Drank some whiskey to stay warm with some Lone Star beers alongside Busch, oh yeah that's how we roll.

What do you think, done or not? Feels like it's missing something but don't know what...

Okay, back to waiting for the snow while listening to "Hotcha Girls" by Ugly Casanova and getting drunk. Plan on getting a phone so send a email with your number and we'll call with the new number. Got invited to do a live art show in Bourbon St in New Orleans on a Tuesday but don't know if that is going to happen. Anyone up for a road trip? Can't promise we'll be at the Texan Two tomorrow but one never knows. Enjoy the day for all it's beauty tomorrow no matter the condition. If it does snow there should be pictures coming very soon. Cheers!

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