Monday, February 21, 2011

On And Off Fredericksburg Tour 2011

On and Off Fredericksburg Tour on Saturday had a light drizzle but the sun came out later that day to brighten the day. Many people came out, despite the weather, to support local artist and see great art. A few people ask for autographs and pictures. A few ask questions like, "How do you get your ideas?" or "What kind of paint do you use?" or something that artist don't really know how to answer. Over all it was fun and good exposure for everyone that showed work. Here are some of what you missed or for some a recap of this weekends event.

Josh in the left and right wall, Shagnasty bottom middle.

Andy Solis.

Josh bottom right and Fletch.

Fletch and Caitlin

Live painting: Josh left, Tony Alma middle, unfinish Fletch on the right.

Daphid and Tony in the middle.


Fletch talking to Josh.

Hungry fishes.

Steve-O getting choked.

And now we take a short break to go next door for a quick peek at the great Angel Fodriguez-Diaz's amazing art work.

Unknown title closed up.

Unknown title.

"Forget the Alamo"

Then on Sunday we took the bus downtown to get a ride with Fletch. Saw a few cool things.

Don't Follow Leaders by unknown artist.

Homeless playing air piano as guy walks by.

Alamo Music Center.

Can't quite remember her name but the art was cool..



Fletch's art.

Obviously you re not a golfer.


Fletch Jr stole the show.


Don't want to spell her name wrong so for now we will call her G.

Fire truck passing by.

Even after the event was over people kept coming by to check out the art.

Dee Dee playing with Zoo Zoo Pets and Abby.


Tony top and bottom records and Mfn8 (not part of the show) in the middle.

Whew, it's been a long weekend...

 Thanks to Steve-O for having us as part of the show and coming through. Thanks to all the artist that displayed their art. Thanks to Fletch and Josh for the ride. And thanks to everyone that came out to support the local art scene.

**Click on the pictures above to view larger**

All smiles.


Zrcalo said...

Hey, I've actually been looking for more art by Andy Solis since about 2001. Do you know anything about this artist??? I was once friends with ... his.. cousin? sister? I cant remember. but she gave me a photocopy of his art a long time ago and I still have it. It's been a big influence for me.



Hey Zrcalo, you can try contacting Steveo at Rings of Fire tattoo shop in downtown san antonio, tx. Steveo owns quite a few art works from Andy and would have more info. 110 Jefferson Street, San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 354-3473
Hope that helps.