Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Sun Behind The Clouds

Flier by Fletch.

      Wont be able to make first Friday but we will be at second Sunday. Maybe it's the first time there is a second Sunday but why the hell not. This will be a show that you do not want to miss. Might take a break from doing art shows after this so bring money to buy art. Don't have the hook up for prints anymore so that will also have to wait.
Got hired to take pictures of a new tattoo shop opening party but don't have full details on that. It might be this Saturday night but not all too sure.
Still painting and taking pictures and writing songs just not gonna show for a while. A month, two months, a day, a year, or weeks but it will be worth the wait. The more comments you leave the faster we'll get motivated to start doing shows again. Thanks for all the support...

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