Monday, March 14, 2011

Bloody Merry Sunday

Live painting by Tony Alma sold.

    Sunday art show had a low turn out but was still pleasant and enjoyable.

John on the right and Jacob on the left. Exceptional music was carouse all night.

Jeff taking pictures of everyone's art to admired and show people what they missed.

Fletch drawing.

Jason and Steve-O.

Crowd and Crystal in the middle.

Daphid's live art on the wall.

Fish through the skull's eye hole.

Christin and Jena.

Jacob and John.

Sol Asylim Gallery.

Josh, Fletch, and Jeff.

Secret painting, sold.

Human coloring book tattoos.


Guy with dog tied to the bike. Smart?

Josh's art.

Crystal and Stevie.

Steve-O's art record.

Not Nicodemus.

The closest we got to Clogged Caps. Planning on going later this week to take pictures of all the new art works. So don't forget to subscribe.
The sun is going down like the beers in the fridge so have a great week and take care.

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