Sunday, May 22, 2011

Affordable Attention Span Sport

Drop polo stick.

Went to watch some bike polo on Sunday afternoon. Didn't play but it was fun as a spectator. And some other random photos...

Mama cardinals protecting her baby.

Not as easy as one might think.

Fixie Flip.

Bike on ground.

Doesn't look like the painting is ever going to be finished so imagine this little guy on a chaise lounge. Eh?

Two birds on a wire under a bridge.

Bird in a tree.

Game on.

Foot down have to tap back in.

Playing through.

Tarren, don't forget to tip your bartender.

Wall at local bar. Care to guess where?

Macro lens.

Ants on tape.

Fast games.

Work in progress, the top part.

Wheel cover.

There you have it, hope you enjoyed it. In the words of the great Bob Ross, "Any time ya learn, ya gain."

**Click on pictures to enlarge.**

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