Thursday, May 5, 2011

On The Side Of The Road

Things are upside down it's hard to make any sense of life. Let's take a walk to clear our mind. A good way to get drunk faster is not to eat anything after breakfast but it's not healthy for you. Here are some pics from a few days ago...

Crystal being a good sport and helping out at the Friendly Spot.

Texting and smoking.

Need to finish Crystal's commission but it's hard with the dry spell still hanging strong. Oh well, let's keep moving on...

Two hot looking bikes, what do you think?

Random person and there were other people but the pictures came out way too blurry.

Cute little puppy and so smart but hard to keep still.

Want to get another tattoo but don't know what to get yet. Something to do with fire or earth but what?

Thanks for taking this boozed journey with us and hope you come again. Remember to love the people in your life and not take everything so damn serious. Relax and take a deep breath...

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