Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What A Pisser or Taking A Piss On The americant Dream

What a Pisser.
Detail (close up) Mixed paint on wood, 27inches by 48inches (give or take).

There are many people that pretend to be something they are not. Then there are people who don't hide anything and they seem rude to other people but are really great people. Some pretend to be good but are really evil and others are rude but would go out of their way to help anyway they can. Which are you?

Some people just take and take without thinking of the consequence. Remember that everything you consume (be it food, beer, ideas, or drugs) will be discarded into the world around you. It's an endless cycle but that's life, it's what's keeps us going.
Americans spend a shit load of cash on stupid shit over 700 million on entertainment alone. Yet our education system is lacking funding, has small classrooms, under paid teachers, and outdated books.
Let's try spending less on crap we are just going to piss away and be more conscious of what we are consuming. Let's try and not spend any money for one day, then two days, until we can do it for a whole week. Pack a lunch, take your own drink, walk or bike to work or if it's your day off spend the day outdoors, go skateboarding, read a book. If we try and better our self the world might not hate Americans so much, or not. What do i know?


Here are some pics of skateboard art done by many different artist.

Top left corner, the bear with shrooms, is by Marissa. The middle one is by Tony Alma, the other ones are by (names not yet known).

Spray paint and markers on skateboard by quique.

And here is the finished painting without the frame which brings it all together.
To view the painting in full or in person email or call to visit the studio.


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