Friday, February 1, 2013

Fortune Rapidly Evade Effortlessly

Mating season?
 Feeling lonely? Tired of being alone? Sick of being the 3rd wheel? Hands getting sore? Giving up? Well tough shit!
If you can't make yourself happy how can you expect to make anyone else happy? Why would anyone want to be with you? Don't wait for someone else to help you so get off your lazy ass and help yourself. If that sounds a little harsh and mean that's cause it is. Tough love? Tough shit!
Show love and you will see love.
To all the single people out there, please stop moping and have some fun. Get out and play in the sun, learn a new skill, ride a bike, draw, paint, learn to play a insturment, sing a song...

Here is a hidden spot in Htown if anyone wants to hit it up give us a shout.
art by ekos?

art by different artist?
Anyhow, if you want to buy some original art work email
Here is the link to some of the art
Will try and get pictures of the art or you can just come by and look at them yourself.
Until then, thank you and take care...

Next issue, naked pictures of you or 100 post and not a cent to show for it...

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