Monday, April 1, 2013

100 Post And All We Got Was This Lousy Post

Hold your head up when you create.
This painting is 4ft by 3ft more or less but it's big. It's on a canvas and has paint, oil, acrylic, and other stuff.
Working on a bunch of new paintings and songs. Suggestions, fan mail, hate mail, questions, spam email

Been able to get art shows in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, and even in Dallas but for what ever reason can NOT get any where we live. Houston seem to only care about money when it comes to art, not every one in Hate-ston is about money but the people in the art world definitely only care about making a buck. Not that it wouldn't be nice to pay bills, eat, and buy more art stuff but at what price? Fuck it, you don't have to tell me where i'm not wanted. The art community sucks in Houston so i'm making my own art community. For all the outcast that is hated on, passed by, walked on, i'll be working on something just for you. We'll talk more on that later.
If you have a Tony Alma original art work send in a picture of you and the painting and we'll post it on this blog. Please and thank you.

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