Sunday, June 2, 2013

TO swaNkY moral

Trying to escape...
work in progress, or by now should be finished.
paint on cardboard.

If you've been wondering what happen or why there hasn't been a post in a while is because we've been in jail. Putting art in the street can be somewhat of a risk and sometimes you get popped. Or maybe we've been working on a bunch of artworks, or maybe we don't have internet at home, or maybe you don't really care. Whatever the reason you are reading this blog we thank you.
It seems that, by looking at the stats, that there are many folks hitting this blog. So, we will try and put a few more pics this summer whenever possible. If you like what you see or read please comment with your name or send us an email at and tell us what you think. Help spread the word or come by the art studio and buy some art. If you would like us to move to your state and city let us know where we can find a job and a place to leave because the heat in Texass is just too... ugh, muggy. Till next time, keep hemp alive :)

Wanted to post more but time is not on our side, just like life, tsk tsk...

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