Monday, January 10, 2011

It Fell Before and After First Friday

Thursday and Saturday are the days not many people think about when the first of the month comes by. This year we went to first Thursday at Blue Star and first Saturday at the Flop House to check out some great art and hang out with cool people.
Blue Star Gallery but didn't get the artist name.

Part of Ed Saavedra's art that was very thought provoking. Thought it was one of the better pieces there but what do we know.

It was hard to get a good picture but here is another part of Ed's art called "Excuse me while I disappear."

Tribute to Chuck R.I.P. by unknown artist.

Hand art by unknown artist.

Rich people like strange art. Big yarn ball made from paper by unknown artist.

Unknown stencil art by who knows.

Then on Saturday off to the Flop House which we got there way too early but left before the rain.

Mark Antony host of the Flop House.

Walls covered with art and what nots.

Strange but interesting cheap vinyl. If this one had a record we would have bought it but unfortunately it didn't.

Erik and unknown person that got more attention from the dog tied up in the front of the house.

Art at the Lone Star Gallery.

All the dog wants is to love your leg, why are you so mean?.

Josh's art on the right and unknown artist on the left.

party goers.

Fletch, in the middle, talking about art with folks.

Strange movie called "The Holy Mountain"

Would like to upload more pics but too tired and it is taking way too long. Finished three new paintings for the February show but not going to post pictures until the show. Don't forget about Art Slam at the White Rabbit on the 29th.

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