Monday, January 24, 2011

Packers And The Cheese They Cut

Corona on a Sunday afternoon.
Rode the bike downtown on Sunday and stopped by the bar for a few cheap drinks. The game was going on the tube with the Packers and the Bears battling it out. Not much of a football fan and we had some chalk so this was the first time trying 3d chalk art.

Jason falling backwards into the water.

Love the way the right side came out but the top and the left side needs work. After it sprinkle a bit we went back inside and got drunk.

Jeff and the Hammer with cheese and beer on his head.

Steve-o takes another drag off his cigarette.

Shagnasty's "team" losing.

Hitched a ride with Fletch so the bike got left behind.
Plan on going back to get the bike but unsure about drinking at the bar. The Packers won the game for those keeping track. Want to go skating today so there should be some pics later this week. One last note and we'll remind you again later about Artslam! this Saturday at White Rabbit in San Antonio. People painting live, spray painting, live music, we hope cheap beer, and nice folks. Hope to see you there, take care.

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