Thursday, January 27, 2011

Three Things From Monday To Now

Fletch grinding 50/50 up and down the side of the bank at Palo Alto Skatepark.
Went skating Monday during school hours and it was so sweet having the park all to our self. It was Fletch driving with Jeff and I riding along with his wife and kid. Didn't take too many pictures because we were too busy falling on our ass. It wasn't all bad, we did land a few tricks here and there. Jeff doing big pop shove it's, Tony going fakie to tail stall on the big bank. Fletch skating all over the park making sure not to miss a spot. Fun times as always. If this becomes a regular Monday thing one could get use to it and enjoy it very much.

Jeff setting up to grind on the top.

Then yesterday Fletch came over and took Jared and Us to see John play music.

John bar tending before going on stage.

We seem to have forgoten the name... Rob maybe?

Fletch talking outside.

People smoking outside the door.

What's the band's name again? It's such a haze but the jams were nice. We need to get more info on them.

We really need to get better with names and details but until then, Unknown.

That's how you say happy hour in San Antonio.

Soup's art work.

Speaking of Soup, he and over 15 other artist (including yours truly) will be painting live at White Rabbit this Saturday the 29th for Art Slam! in San Antonio. Go to for more info on the event.
Then next month there is first Friday at the Texan Two art show and on the 19th and 20th we are taking part of On and Off Fredericksburg Art Tour. When there is more info on the tour we will post about it so stay tune. Also got invite to paint another live art show in March so we are going to be staying busy for a while. Hope to have a lot more paintings done by then. Didn't have time to make prints but hopefully by the time On and Off Tour comes around the prints will be made. 
Hope to everyone soon, take care.

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