Monday, April 18, 2011

We Don't Need You To Walk Away

Listen to the beat, it keeps walking on.
Keeps walking on...

Some things are better left unsaid but here are some pictures we hope you will enjoy...

Jeff wallride to nollie fakie, straight up.

Unknown skater smithgrind.

Unknown skater ollie over rail into the bank.

Mr. "Do you have a permit?" What, Why? "Because I don't want to fill out paper work and you don't have permission from AT&T to be here." And I didn't even have a skateboard with me, just standing in the middle of the street taking pictures. Too funny.
So we move on...

Jeff mute.


It's fun to ride your bike around town.

And the lesson here is working makes you into an asshole. Fun is being happy even when you are upset and frustrated so get your damn ass up. Started working on the silk screen for the shirt but it's not going to look like you think it is and this must make absolute no sense to you but, well here's a peek...

what do you think?

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