Friday, April 8, 2011

Chasing Icosahedrons Down A River

It's been almost a whole year since the Current box was painted. It's at Blue Star bus stop on South Alamo Street in San Antonio.

Going through a dry spell so there hasn't been much to post but here are a few pics to hold you over...

Art Stop at Blue Star.

Happy boxes.

Mark early in the morning bike ride don't take my picture likes to consume art and knowledge and adventures. Next time you see him tell him he is on this website, thanks. hehe...

Tallest bike ever.

Mission bike trails are coming along nicely.

French's art work at Boneshakers. Didn't go inside but it was a nice bike ride there, too bad there isn't a bike trail home.

Sketchy looking ramp, don't think it's made for skateboards.

Work takes a lot of time from people and they lose track of their passion but sometimes...

Sold painting. Working on making some original hand made silk screen print t-shirts. Each tee will be different so each one will have original art on it. First series will be a limit of 20 shirts numbered, signed, and will sell for $20 (cash only). What colors and sizes?  
Take care everyone, miss you...

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