Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When The World Saw You Upside Down

Riding to meet a few folks at a local bar spot a pot hole, that didn't seem that deep, flipped us over our handle bar. Laughing as i got up one guys said something like, "My friend broke his collar bone that way, you shouldn't laugh." Whatever, i'm ok so it's funny.

Breaking  News!!!!!
Cassbeer a.k.a. "San Antono cafe" is closing on May 14 this year. So need to find a new job or not or yes you do but don't really want to so might get back into art. Just a heads up if you want some prints or paintings or tees.
Moving on.
Met friends near here and there for a few drinks but most of them left early for some reason or another. Chilled with Karen and Lucy so we still had fun. Here are some pics...

Karen taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

Lucy all tucker out, taking a nap. awwwwww...

Say Cheese!

It was fun but the next part of the story isn't... well it's kind of sad but it wasn't that bad but well here, you decide...

A black cat ran under the petal of the bike and almost ran over it while riding home but didn't. It took off, without making a sound, running behind someone's yard and the people standing around didn't say anything. Silence was the respond when ask if that was anyone's cat? What can one do?

Sow the sadness down the road.

Next issue...

"Waiting for the Endorphins To Make A Noise"

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