Saturday, July 2, 2011

Formidable Reckless Undeniably Scarce Tangle Rack Already Take Identity Old Nowhere

Starting with the dog days.

Hello all you special people. It has been kind of crazy and it is getting even more insane as the days go by. Let's start with The Jalapeno building getting bought by a big corporation that we wont name. So it was the last show at that location and it was a blasted. They will be finding a new location so we will try and keep you updated.
Wasn't planning on hanging anything at The Friendly Spot but some friends were kind to share wall space. Had plan to write more but these headaches and migraines are getting worse. So here are some pictures instead...

Photo of Adam De La Rosa's photo.

Framed prints for sale.

unknown artist.

Costume runners.

Costume attendees.

Fletch name tag.

Fletch and his kid.

Thank you DJ and Blue Moon.

Lady enjoying her Blue Moon.

Nachos 3 bucks, DJ's shirts $15.

Beautiful cat eyes.

Remember July 5th art contest at The Friendly Spot, free to attend. Hope to see you there, it starts at 8pm...


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